So pedantry it is then. The number that is enormous now, at this scale, is the settlement layer, the energy expended by mining. The article is clear it is referring to that. So you cast for a red herring and talk about something else, the energy expended to create transactions, that has a tiny fraction of the energy expenditure, now, and isn’t different for any payment or settlement platform. Transactions must be created for anything,It’s simply not part of this equation.

Satan will be mad at you if you keep trying to use fallacious argumentation. Engineers make a bunch of jokes about physicists too.

Cold Staking and Real Mobile Staking is here.

Butcher and Banker Steak House in NYC (which has nothing to do with this article)

The Divi Project has been working relentlessly to bring crypto out of the byzantine think tanks and technology elite and into the world for everyone. While other projects keep promising this, only Divi is really doing it. They started with being the first to allow crypto holders to truly launch…

Once again it is time for another weekly update. This one can be found here. Nick is looking like he cooled off a bit since last time.

Nick said he is using new streaming software. For me at least, I found the recording more chunky and stuttery, making the writing…

Robert Hirsch

Author, Maker, Father, Dreamer. Robert received his Ph.D. from RPI in Mechatronics. Since then, consumer devices, renewable energy, and now blockchain.

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