As a non-trump supporter (non-Biden too) I find it fascinating to watch you fall into the EXACT same traps you declare Trump followers have fallen into. The very premise of your article completely misses the issue around cults.

"wondered what would lead a person to join a cult"

No. One. Joins. A. Cult.

No one. No one says "ooh, there a cult with a sociopath as a leader, I'm in!"

What people are desperate for is community, a sense of importance, and a general desire not to be frowned upon. What cult leaders have, like Trump and AOC, like Biden's handlers (come on, that guy is barely aware of what room he is in) and Fox "luminaries" provide, is exactly that. And so did Rainiere.

It does NOT come "predictably" crashing down. State empowered political cults like Democrats and Republicans thrive on each other with false dichotomies. It's how they empower themselves. Abortion, gun control, war on drugs, wars in foreign lands... have you noticed that these issues go unchanged?

Do you find that liberal leaders almost always agree with your positions? Do you find yourself thinking that if only your people were in the right positions at the right time, without opposition from the guys who are not your people, then everything would go right and problems would get solved? It's because you are in a cult.

Before you complain that the existance of NXIVM somehow explain's Trump supporters, you should ask yourself why you joined your cult.

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