#Divi Live at 5: August 21st

The live at five video update can be found here. Nick, it looks like it’s getting close to time to shave. Must have forgotten amongst all the great stuff this week.

Nick started out with a comment about growth. I have been here along for this ride for about three years also and can really feel his proud astonishment about how great things have come along. went from a 2 million dollar market cap coin, to a 100 million dollar marketcap coin in that time. There are now some growing pains. This can’t be the tiny develpoment team, the non-existent marketing team, the two-people-do-everything project it has been. Part of the growth of the coin, and the company, means delegating work that was never delegated before. It means relying on new hires. It means spending bringing in new blood in high positions with their own skillsets and opinions. Divi is going through this process, and it will take a little time to be a lean, efficient, productive machine at this scale. But it will happen, and it is happening.

One year ago…

No one knew us, the price of Divi was 0.003 cents. Fast forward to this year, first to 1 cent. Then to 6 cents, and $100M marketcap. Now Divi can hire people to help us grow. Moving into adulthood with proper help. Russel Doolittle has been hired at the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Zoe Cox is now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Zoe has won 8 awards for marketing including one from Samsung. The new Chief Operating Officer is Jeff Packard, who has now organized the company and project to have better processes with roles and responsibilities. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Bob Viznov is from JP morgan and has held a CTO or CIO position in many companies. All these people are here and in place, and are getting into their seats. All crypto projects are children, and divi is no different; this is a path of growing.

Nick reminds you that uou, as a crypto owner, and especially as a Divi owner are part of one of the greatest wealth generation events in human history. This has never existed like that. You are part of the new middle class, and the way value is understood is changing.


When is marketing going to happen? Now.
The first step is a new wallet site: diviwallet.com. This link currently points to the old wallet site. It’s what we had before, but now you can see all the features vaults. Validators. Lottery. Currencies. Divi card. Go and check this out. Sign up. Up to 12,000 people for far!

This is just Version One of this website. Version 2 will have more features, subpages, and roadmap.

Next, Divi is creating a foundation site, so diviproject.org is changing. It will become the profit entity of Divi. Brian Colewell, crypto hobbit is coming on board to create content for Divi. Strangely, didn’t hire me for this.

A new influencer strategy is going to be put in place, not just crypto influencers like Crypto Crow and Bitcoin Ben, but instead bringing them in from other arenas. This will be to expand the awareness of Divi and it’s features into places that don’t embrace crypto yet.

Also, check out Divi’s new Instagram. Getting inside look at inside divi.

Wallet: Where is the wallet?

Up until reecently, Divi has been promoting the idea that the wallet would be out in the summer. It’s not happening.

This is one of the reasons Divi doesn’t give hard dates. There are a variety of reasons they get pushed back, and who expected COVID and the destruction of the economy around the world?

Nick said it’s simply not ready enough for it to be released. Unforeseen things came to light, caused delay. However, the positive end is that we have a full blown staff. Senior Product owner to help manage it. 2 new developers. Doing it best is better than first. Luxury of time. Funded and staffed for this. I think I can safely say that we are all very excited for this to come to fruition.

New Venture Fund

Divi is creating a Venture fund for the Divi ecosystem. DiviVentures. A program to find fund and support new use cases for Divi. Projects will get funded to create new Divi things. One million dollars will be made available for this. You are welcome to put up 300K divi to become a private holder of Divi projects. Divi support comes with funding. There are of course guidelines.

This is designed to encourage you to build use cases for multi coin focus, leverage fiat on and off ramp. Offer fiat options. If you have to force people into adoption, adoption won’t happen. Nick is rightly adamant against friction. Divi and crpyto must simply be easier to use than the normal banking system, or there is no reason people will use it.


How does lottery work?

For every stake that you win, you get a ticket. The more stakes you win, the more tickets you get. We have been making improvements, internally lots of discussion about improvement. More specifically, its a King of the Hill system, each stake you get has a hash number which can be quantitatively evaluated, but each hash is random. For every block that goes buy, there are 11 “tickets” that are the current winners. At the moment of the lottery block, funds are sent to those winners. If you really want to drill down, I wrote more about it here.

330K to join Divi Ventures, what’s it mean?

That’s an investment. It is 300K divi to become part owner of the projects the Divi Ventures does.

How are Divi financials?

Divi not investing in Zap, just partnering. Just time and resources. Very liquid and strong right now. Divi has runway runway.

New Exchange?

Exchange listing will be announced next week, he thinks. Wallet ready to go, waiting on forms, they must announce first.

When wallet?

It’s close but not ready, won’t give date, goes bad. Plus Nick addressed that in this very update.

Siegeworld update?

Follow their twitter for weekly updates. Looks great.

Masternode stats?

DO has been having some issues. We are working hard to go through updates and dealing sith it. They ahve been super helpful. 1422 validators. Amazing growth. I made these graphs on July 21st. I will update them eventually.

Masternode Tier Growth
Total Masternode growth

What’s up with Chainz?

Chainz is having issues. Create your own explorer. Community members have been working on explorers. Nick’s call was answered! Our awesome community member Bert, made one for us!

How much is a staking reward?

One divi stake is 456 divi



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