Divi Live at 5… Sept. 4th

Robert Hirsch
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Once again it is time for another weekly update. This one can be found here. Nick is looking like he cooled off a bit since last time.

Nick said he is using new streaming software. For me at least, I found the recording more chunky and stuttery, making the writing of the recap a little more challenging.

Finally I want to thank our community member “Troubled Ninja” for transcribing this and posting it in our telegram. It saved me a lot of work. I used his post and expanded on it with pictures and links.


Nick, aren’t we calling them validators? Our masternode service MOCCI is hosted on a number of platforms, and one of them is Digital Ocean. Personally, I find Digital Ocean to be an excellent company, with rock solid droplets for my use. And from the video, Nick agrees. However, that doesnt mean everything is perfect all the time.

There have been some service issues with some of the droplets that host some of our masternodes. Divi and DO worked closely together to resolve the issue and upgrades are currently underway. It turned out that one of the new upgrades DO pushed out caused memory issues for our droplets. You don’t need to do a thing to correct this, however you should check that your masternode is running. Fire up your wallet, and look at your masternode. Head into support if it’s not running. The current upgrades also prepare the blockchain for staking vaults, improvements to memory usage, way shorter sync times and overall less load on the droplet.


Yes, we all know, our price has taken a hit. It’s done this before, it will do it again. Look around similar coins took a hit, ADA took a hit, ZAP took a hit. As of this writing, Bitcoin also took a hit. Crypto currencies are volatile until we see some real adoption. But luckily, you are in a staking project. Due to continuous earned income, you do well over time because you are always earning by helping secure the network. So give it time! Even with our hit, the drop in BTC, original investments (at the height of ICO craze) are still way up due to the constant earned income from staking or running a masternode. Stick with it, and remember, if you are trading, you ain’t staking.

Masternodes providing good income, and returns over time

Mr Node, at Masternode buzz, reports on his masternode investments every week. Divi keeps coming out on top, time after time after time. Take a minute to zoom out, think about earning, not day to day price. Divi is working on development and changing paradigms. Not really worried about price from one week to the next.


We’ve had delays (described in previous posts), and most issues have been worked through. A new developer has been hired, Artur Kaim. If you look through his LinkedIn profile, you will find that he has a ton of the exact experience we need for getting our wallet out. Artur has recently finished job as senior engineer at BlockForce. He has built light clients, he has developped for banks, he has worked in back end and front end web and mobile software. In all he has built over 13 wallets. He will bring all this experience to Divi. I’m looking forward to it.

Then Nick did something he NEVER does, and claimed he would never do. He promised a timespan for the arrival fo the wallet. Not a date, but still. He has never been this precise about a delivery time before.

New Wallet in November. Phase 1 in November. Here is how he looked when he did that.

So Phase 1 of the wallet will be coming out in November. That is a lot of confidence in the current management and development team and I am happy to see it.


I was particularly excited to hear about this because a few Divi Members (Kyle, John Seastar, Troubled Ninja, and Luqmann), including myself, have been helping out in one way or another.

Juma Mkwela came to the Divi project just a few short months ago. Juma is dedicated to his South Africa communities. He started his Juma Art Tours, bringing people to see street art all around Cape Town, as well as his Bike shop and tours. The Divi Project community was super generous and donated some Divi and funds for bikes that were given to the commmunity. Then the community was generous again and made The Divi Mandela Day Campaign a success! Funding for feeding 67 families for 2 weeks were donated.

Now Juma and Kyle, and the developers at Encke Technologies in Costa Rica, are creating Divi Collab, a masternode powered artist space. The idea is to use masternode rewards to pay for artist supplies and maintain a permanent space, facilitating more art and enterprise and injecting funds into the community. The website is still a bit young, but this project is underway!

Juma Mkwela, just to put a face to the name

Run for the Unicorns

Thanks to the team with Run for the Unicorns — Blockchain and gaming. Nick had never given a keynote in a video game before — now he has. Videos coming soon and on YouTube.

World Economy Thoughts

Nick is not a financial advisor — In his opinion, store your assets in anything that isn’t cash — even Warren Buffet is doing it. Nick really delineated his concern about the oncoming economy. I agree with him and I think this podcast episode it totally worth a listen, even if it is a bit long.

Masternodes provide reliable income — probably best time in history to invest in crypto — do with this advice what you will. Again if you are tradin’ you ain’t stakin’.


Would Divi be able to invest in other projects then distribute profits as DIVIdends?

Nick) Would love to know how it would work and be interested in developing the idea.

When new Exchange?

Nick) Hands are tied — can’t say anything, they have to announce it first. Hopefully this month.

What do you think about UniSwap?

Nick) Be careful in DeFi Space — lots of good projects but lots of projects to be careful of — invest wisely.

Can you help with Divi Threads delivery delay?

Nick) Divi Threads — is a print on demand service — some have been delayed because of Coronavirus.

Tips to maximise staking odds?

Nick) Don’t try and game it — very high chance you’ll ruin your wallet.



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