Five major complaints against Divi

  • Divi is centralized
  • Divi has no use case
  • Divi inflation is bad (no max supply is bad) leading to dumping, and price drop
  • The rich get richer
  • Development doesn’t exist/slow

Divi is centralized?

Coin ownership in divi simply isn’t centralized
Divi masternodes are all over the world

Divi has no use case?

  1. Launching masternodes from a phone wallet
  2. Launching staking vaults from the phone
  3. Launching nodes of other coins from the wallet
  4. Swapping between coins within the wallet, not a separate service
  5. Swapping between fiat and crypto within the wallet (with the help of the bank they bought, Ridivi, more on that later)
  6. Using debit card features from within the wallet
  7. In wallet global remittance features
  8. 1-click KYC for any add ins to the wallet via Ridivi
  9. Divi Bond an investment product that combines Divi staking with traditional assets
  10. Lightning Works, a divi powered NFT based, digital media company
  11. Siege Worlds, a Divi powered Massively Multiplayer Online game.
  12. Maya Energy, payment method for 20 foot shipping containers that supply renewable energy, communication and clean water to remote areas of Africa.
  13. Permatek, a crypto community being built in Costa Rica that only uses crypto for goods and services within it.
  14. Divi Everywhere, here the key is to get representations of Divi onto other blockchains for use in services on those blockchains. To start with Stakehound is creating stDivi for DeFi efforts on Ethereum. Zap is working on a version of Divi that can be put on multiple chains. Divi held in these representations will inherently stake, so just holing the wrapped Divi will allow you to earn.

Is Inflation leading to sellers and no buyers?



  1. How did the price of Divi rise 17x, while BTC “only” rose 12x?
  2. How are there times where the price of Divi rise while BTC was falling?
  3. Why, throughout the years, if “everyone is dumping” does the Divi price rise despite the supply increasing over 360%?

The Rich Get Richer

  1. Unfair, excessive wealth generation by the wealthy.
  2. Lack of wealth being shared or being made available to those with less.
Are you seriously thinking you are going to compete against this with your second hand mining rig?

Sharing the wealth

A typical day in Divi Telegram Community
A weekly Divi funded food drive in Venezuela
A huge, 2000 egg, easter egg hunt was funded by the Divi community in South Africa
101 Bikes were given to children in Kyelitsha Township in Cape Town, South Africa

Is Divi actually developing anything?

Do we have a problem?




Author, Maker, Father, Dreamer. Robert received his Ph.D. from RPI in Mechatronics. Since then, consumer devices, renewable energy, and now blockchain.

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Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch

Author, Maker, Father, Dreamer. Robert received his Ph.D. from RPI in Mechatronics. Since then, consumer devices, renewable energy, and now blockchain.

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