Hanlon’s Razor and The Presumption of Innocence: A look into the provenance of DX exchange.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

At this point, I talk to scammers just for entertainment and to waste their time

Weird intro. Why am I talking about this?

30 minutes of browsing the DX exchange telegram.
Just FUD right?


From the DX website footer, You are probably gonna have to zoom in on that one.

Digital Stocks are provided by Market Place Securities MPS Ltd,Cyprus Investment firm regulated by CySEC, license number 170/12. Crypto Currencies Exchange services are provided by Coins Marketplace Technologies OU regulated by the Estonian FIU, license number FVR000051 for providing services to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies, and license Number FRK000039 for providing a virtual currency wallet services.

Hold the phone…was the FUD-o-Gram right?

Who is SpotOption?

These don’t look similar at all, do they?

Enter Lee Elbaz

Lee had no idea the FBI was waiting for her when she went to visit America

Is DX exchange just SpotOptions?

Is that it?


Question: Has DX exchange posted any responses to questions of propriety with regard to connections between Raz Kaplan, SpotOptions.com and accused fraudster Lee Elbaz? If they have, can someone link me to it?



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