Let me help you out, Bix


The Claims

  1. Divi is centralized
  2. There is no use case
  3. The inflation is leading to only sellers and no buyers

Divi is not centralized

Divi wins the race for coin distribution
Distribution of nodes within each tier

The Use Cases of Divi

  1. Launching masternodes from a phone wallet
  2. Launching staking vaults from the phone
  3. Launching nodes of other coins from the wallet
  4. Swapping between coins within the wallet, not a separate service
  5. Swapping between fiat and crypto within the wallet (with the help of the bank they bought, Ridivi, more on that later)
  6. Using debit card features from within the wallet
  7. In wallet global remittance features
  8. 1-click KYC for any add ins to the wallet via Ridivi

Inflation is not leading to sellers and no buyers

5DIVI and BTC inflation…Can you tell the difference?
Almost half of the Divi supply is locked up in masternodes
Divi price rose from a low of 0.2 cents to about 1.2 cents with a high of 1.8 cents
  1. How did the price of Divi rise 350%?
  2. How did the price of Divi rise while BTC was falling?
  3. Why, throughout the year, if “everyone is dumping” does the Divi price rise despite the supply increasing 106%?

Why would Divi buy a bank?

Wrap up




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Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch

Author, Maker, Father, Dreamer. Robert received his Ph.D. from RPI in Mechatronics. Since then, consumer devices, renewable energy, and now blockchain.